Game 14 Silverleaf

Monwa 29 Aug
Game 14 Silverleaf

Game 14 Masi - Silverleaf
Saturday the 29th of August was when the Pumas welcomed a spirited Silverleaf side to their ground. This was to be the final league fixture for both teams.
First up the under 20’s took to the field for the last time in what was to be their final game of the year. They were determined to show the progress they had made and end the season with a bang. They made the loudest bang of their season as they scored a host of impressive tries on their way to a final score line of 50 - nil. Good job boys. Well done to the players and coaches on a great season.
The 3rds have provided great entertainment in the back straight of their season and they have looked very much like a unified group. Unfortunately Silverleaf did not show up with a 3rd team and as a result there was no game. Nonetheless well done to the thirds on a great season. Congratulations to the players and the coaches.
The 2nds were saying goodbye to two club stalwarts in the form of Gert Kok and Waldo Smit who were both playing their last games for the Pumas. The team needed to give them a positive send off. The game started off with Masi on the ascendency and before long they found themselves ahead and ready to launch into a big lead. The visitors were having none of that as they came back with some long range tries. And eventually took the lead going into the home straight. Masi picked themselves up for one last surge as they scored a decisive try that gave them the lead and the win. Well done to the 2nds. Well done to the coach and all the best to the two retirees who played their last game. True Masi men.
The firsts knew they needed to better Blue Jets score with more than two points and they would end up a respectable seventh. Masi had lost two players the week before to serious injuries and they dedicated this game to Siya and Poena. Masi dominated throughout the game and were able to score two tries by Teddy Nyali and Athi Dike to go into the break in a dominant position. Silverleaf fought hard in the second half and scored a superb long range solo try by their left wing. Overall though Masi was too strong as they ran in a number of tries to end the game 36-13 ahead. Good game, good performance all round and a great way to end the season. Masi will go into the season ending bottom 8 competition as the top seeds.
Thanks to the supporters who stuck with us through good times and bad. Thanks to the players and the coaches. Thanks to the sponsors, we wouldn’t play the game we love without you.
Mixed results throughout the season but the Masi family knows what’s required and will grow from strength to strength.


Let’s go Pumas.

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